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Alternative Words for Said


Acknowledged Added Admitted Advised Agreed Announced Answered Approved Argued Assumed Assured Asked Babbled Bargained Began Boasted Bragged Called Claimed Commanded Commented Complained Cried Decided Demanded Denied Described Dictated Emphasized Estimated Exclaimed Explained Expressed Feared Giggled Grinned Grunted Indicated Insisted Instructed Laughed Lectured Lied Mentioned Moaned Mumbled Murmured Nagged Noted Notified Objected Observed Ordered Pleaded Pointed out Prayed Predicted Questioned Reassured Related Repeated Replied Responded Requested Restated Revealed Roared Ruled Scolded Screamed Shouted Shrieked Snapped Sneered Sobbed Spoke Sputtered Stammered Stated Stormed Suggested Taunted Thought Told Urged Uttered Vowed Wailed Warned Whispered