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Mystery, Realistic (Contemporary), Fantasy, Science Fiction, Folklore, Mythology, Historical, Adventure


Pets, Wildlife, Astronomy, Adventure (Real Life), Technology, Cooking, History, Biographies


People often choose a book just on how the cover looks. Don't reject a book just because you don't like the cover! Try these:
1. Read the flap on the inside cover, and read the back of the dust jacket.
2. Read about the author - usually the flap inside the back cover. What else did the author write?
3. Did this book receive any awards?
4. When was this book published?

Read the first couple of pages. Try a page in the middle of the book. Do you find yourself wanting to read more? If there are more than five words on a page that you don't understand, you may want to choose a different book. On the other hand, donít be afraid if there are a few words you donít understand. Look them up, or try to guess their meaning from the context (from the rest of the sentence).

Keep Looking
Donít give up if the first book you pick up doesnít appeal to you. Good readers keep looking until they find one that they really want to read!

Visit the Library
"To become lifelong readers, children must have access to books - and lots of them!" B. Carter The school library, the public library, your friends, and the book store are all places for books. Buy them from your allowance, ask for books for special occasions, collect them at garage sales, buy used books from books stores - work to build your own library.

Websites to Search for Particular Genres

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